Save Money With These Spring Plumbing Tips!

Spring Leak Detection with DeLong Services

Spring Leak Detection with DeLong Services
Spring Leak Detection with DeLong Services

Today is the first day of Spring and DeLong Services Slab Leak Detection has a few simple tips to help you save money on your water bill during these upcoming months.

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  1. Make sure your toilet is working properly

    – As leak detectors, we’re always coming across very manageable repairs that can easily be done by the homeowner.  Running toilets is our number one culprit.  Sometimes higher than normal water bills can cause immediate panic.  If you have a high water bill, the first thing to check is the toilets.  Many times a loose “flapper” can cause a toilet to continuously fill itself and you can’t always hear the water running.  Be sure and take a close look inside the bowl to see if any water is trickling down the front or back.  You can also add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet.  If the coloring is gone in a few hours, you may be losing water.

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2.  Leaky faucets

This is usually a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many leaky faucets or hoses we see as leak detectors.  Just the other week in Dallas / Ft. Worth, we found a leak on a “hose bibb” that the homeowner was unaware of.  If your home or business is on a substantial piece of property, it’s a good idea to get a leak locator out to trace all of your lines.

Run water in those old pipes to keep them fresh and free from cracking. DeLong Services, Inc.
Run water in those old pipes to keep them fresh and free from cracking. DeLong Services, Inc.

3.  Run Water in Unused Drains

Many home and business owners have a faucet or two that doesn’t get much use throughout the year for whatever reason.  Flush that toilet or run that sink every once in a while to keep the sewer system from drying out and cracking.  Many homes with cast-iron sewer systems are plagued with leaks due to dry weathered pipes.  If you find that an unused part of your sewer system is backing up, it’s time to call a professional leak detector to come do a camera inspection.

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Many leaks go unnoticed. Check exposed pipes and your valve boxes!

4.  Check exposed water lines for leaks

Exposed pipes are more likely to leak than underground piping.  Check in all the valve boxes around the home and exposed pipes under the sinks.  Take your hand and feel for water around the joints and fixtures to make sure there is no moisture.  This is an easy task and you can even add it to your kid’s to-do list during spring cleaning!

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5.  Have your sewer system clean and inspected by a professional

Although you’ll have to spend a little money, it can save you $1000s in the long run.  Have a professional come and clean out every line in your sewer system with a hydrojetter.  Click the link to see exactly how hydrojetting works.  You’ll be amazed at how efficient your plumbing will be after a thorough cleaning.  If you want to pass on the hydrojetting, it’s a good idea to at least get a camera down your lines to make sure the quality of your sewer system is in good shape.  These inspections usually run around $200.

For all your leak detection and camera inspection needs in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex or anywhere else in North Texas, call or visit!

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