Slab Leak Report in Dallas, Texas(Near the Addison Airport)

Another cluster of slab leaks are happening in Dallas, Texas near the Addison Airport.  The neighborhood has seen primarily water leaks but a few sewer leaks(yellow) also.  We’ve highlighted the area where we believe more slab leaks will begin to occur.

Water leaks and sewer leaks in this neighborhood of Dallas/Addison over the past 12 months.
Water leaks and sewer leaks in neighborhood of Dallas/Addison over the past 12 months.


If you believe you have a slab leak and are located in the Dallas, Ft. Worth Metroplex, call us today.  214-221-8370

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What to Expect From a Camera Inspection of Your Sewer System

Sewer repair always starts with a camera inspection.

If you’re already at this page, you are probably past the point of wondering why your sewer lines keep backing up.  Chances are you’ve had the drain cleaners out multiple times and finally one of them was honest enough to tell you that you have a cracked pipe.

Now it’s time for a thorough camera inspection of your home’s sewer and drain system.  Here’s what to expect:

  1.  Price:  Camera inspections can range anywhere from $0 to $500.  Here’s a bit of advice: If a camera inspection is free, run for the hills.  Sewer camera equipment is expensive and requires regular maintenance.  Gas isn’t cheap either.  The reason they’re not charging you for an inspection is probably because they are commissioned plumbers that are primed and ready to sell you something you don’t need.  We see it all the time.  If a camera inspection is over $250, you’re most likely paying for advertising costs.  These are usually the big guys you see on TV and hear on the radio.  They too, usually have commissioned plumbers that will give outlandish bids to unsuspecting customers in order to feed their giant advertising overhead.
  2. Scheduling:  Most home and property owners get frustrated when a tech can’t come out and inspect their sewer lines until the next week.  Here’s some advice from professionals:  Don’t rush this!  The last thing you want to do is rush a repair that should last a lifetime.  Repairing sewer lines is an extensive process so home and property owners should take their time and find the best company that is going to give 100% focus and dedication to their property.  Your house is not going to fall over tomorrow, or next week, or next month so find a good contractor that has 20+ years of experience, family owned, and someone you trust.  Ask your neighbors.  Try  They offer a $10k guarantee on all their contractors.  Websites like and Google Reviews can be helpful, but you never know if the reviews are real or fake.
  3. When your camera technician arrives:  He or she will probably want to take a look around the house first and obtain a good idea of where all your plumbing fixtures are.  It is common to see what are called, “capped” or “dead” lines that can throw a technician off when locating your leaks.  The quicker he/she can eliminate “dead” or “capped” lines, the quicker he/she can finish the testing process.  The technician will most likely start at the main sewer “cleanouts” usually found in the front flower bed.  Sometimes cleanouts can be found in the back or even the side of a house or building.  It is best to find these before the technician gets there.  If neither you nor the technician can find your cleanouts, you may have to have them installed.  Sewer camera technicians can also use vent stacks on the roof to access certain areas of your sewer system.
Camera technicians can use vent stacks to access sewer lines.
Camera technicians can use vent stacks to access sewer lines.

4.  Request a video:  Most home and property owners never think to request a copy of the video inspection.  This is something you should request before you even make the appointment.  With a copy of the video inspection you can request competitive bids without having to pay for another inspection.  If they do not offer copies, RUN!  They are going to sell you something you don’t need.  I guarantee it.

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We Are Dallas / Fort Worth’s Leak Detection Specialists!

Leak detection in Dallas, Farmers Branch, and Fort Worth
Leak detection in Dallas, Farmers Branch, Fort Worth and other surrounding cities.

We are the longest running leak detection company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

Delong Services has been offering leak detection services in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for 25 years.  This makes us the longest running leak detection specialists in the area.  We are family owned and operated and leak detection and repair is our ONLY business!

Underground Leak Detection

We at Delong Services specialize in underground leak detection and repair.  We offer no other service.  Concentrating on this service alone helps us to keep our costs down and our experience up!  Some of our family have literally been detecting leaks since they were 13 years old.  Repairing leaks requires contractors to be versatile.  We’ve seen every scenario you can imagine so you can trust that we will repair your leaks right the first time!

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Sewer and Water Leaks Near Flower Mound and Lewisville

Slab Foundation Leaks and Sewer Line Repair near Flower Mound and Lewisville!

Slab and Sewer Leaks in Flower Mound and Lewisville, TX
Plotted water and sewer leaks in Flower Mound and Lewisville, TX

We’ve released a new map of our predicted slab foundation water leaks and sewer leaks we’ve come across in the past 6 months.  If you see clusters of water or sewer leaks near your home, please give us a call to make sure you aren’t wasting water or ruining your foundation.  214-221-8370 Water and sewer leaks that go diagnosed cause SERIOUS problems!

Leak Location

DeLong Services specializes in underground slab foundation leak location and repair.
DeLong Services specializes in underground slab foundation leak location and repair.

Leak Locators and What to Know…

Most average plumbers do not practice leak location.  When your plumber has identified your issue to be an underground slab leak, he or she will normally refer you to a leak locator in your area.  Leak locators specialize in underground leaks and nothing else.  This is because underground leaks are complicated and the process of repair has a high overhead due to the labor costs involved.

A good leak locator works with your plumber

During the process of locating and repairing your slab leak, a leak locator will usually be in contact with your plumber about the situation and the leaks they discover.  Often, it is your plumber that makes the actual repair.  A good leak locator works with your plumber in order to keep you happy and informed and honor the trust you have developed with them.

Locating and repairing slab foundation leaks can be a lengthy PROCESS

Leak Locators have specialized equipment that is very expensive and this is why most plumbers don’t have these tools on their truck.  If you’ve discovered you have an underground slab foundation leak, think about getting a professional leak specialist before you let your plumber attempt to locate and repair the leak.  Locating and repairing slab foundation leaks can be a lengthy process and needs to be monitored by a professional throughout to ensure that your slab foundation does not suffer any unnecessary stress.

Every leak is different.

Consider this when you are hiring a slab foundation leak repair service.  An experienced leak locator knows how to succeed at repairing leaks despite the multiple obstacles they might encounter.  Until you can actually see the pipes underneath your foundation, you really can’t tell what’s going on for sure.

Leak locators have to make assumptions based on experience.

Make sure your leak locator and slab leak repair service has multiple years of experience or you might end up being one of their “learning experiences.”