We Are Dallas / Fort Worth’s Leak Detection Specialists!

Leak detection in Dallas, Farmers Branch, and Fort Worth
Leak detection in Dallas, Farmers Branch, Fort Worth and other surrounding cities.

We are the longest running leak detection company in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

Delong Services has been offering leak detection services in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for 25 years.  This makes us the longest running leak detection specialists in the area.  We are family owned and operated and leak detection and repair is our ONLY business!

Underground Leak Detection

We at Delong Services specialize in underground leak detection and repair.  We offer no other service.  Concentrating on this service alone helps us to keep our costs down and our experience up!  Some of our family have literally been detecting leaks since they were 13 years old.  Repairing leaks requires contractors to be versatile.  We’ve seen every scenario you can imagine so you can trust that we will repair your leaks right the first time!

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Sewer and Water Leaks Near Flower Mound and Lewisville

Slab Foundation Leaks and Sewer Line Repair near Flower Mound and Lewisville!

Slab and Sewer Leaks in Flower Mound and Lewisville, TX
Plotted water and sewer leaks in Flower Mound and Lewisville, TX

We’ve released a new map of our predicted slab foundation water leaks and sewer leaks we’ve come across in the past 6 months.  If you see clusters of water or sewer leaks near your home, please give us a call to make sure you aren’t wasting water or ruining your foundation.  214-221-8370 Water and sewer leaks that go diagnosed cause SERIOUS problems!

Why Are There So Many Slab Leaks in Plano?

Slab Leaks in Plano are becoming more and more common!
Beautiful Plano, TX

Plano Has More Slab Leaks Than Any Other Part of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex…??

This may seem strange…but we’ve noticed an ABUNDANCE of slab leaks in Plano!  We track clusters of slab leaks and we do this for a reason.  Most neighborhoods in Plano were built at the same time in a rush for much needed housing.  Unfortunately, this means that these pipes go bad at the same time too.  Slab leaks in Plano are increasing by the day.  If you’ve noticed your water bill getting higher or are hearing your water lines running when they shouldn’t be, call a professional.  Ask your neighbors in Plano if they’ve had any slab leaks repaired in the past.  Plano’s soil composition has been showing strong signs of electrolysis recently.  This could mean exaggerated wear on your cast iron and copper pipes and if leaks aren’t detected early they can end up costing an arm and a leg.  According to our predictions, if you live in Plano, chances are you will have a slab leak in the next 2 years.

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Leak Location

DeLong Services specializes in underground slab foundation leak location and repair.
DeLong Services specializes in underground slab foundation leak location and repair.

Leak Locators and What to Know…

Most average plumbers do not practice leak location.  When your plumber has identified your issue to be an underground slab leak, he or she will normally refer you to a leak locator in your area.  Leak locators specialize in underground leaks and nothing else.  This is because underground leaks are complicated and the process of repair has a high overhead due to the labor costs involved.

A good leak locator works with your plumber

During the process of locating and repairing your slab leak, a leak locator will usually be in contact with your plumber about the situation and the leaks they discover.  Often, it is your plumber that makes the actual repair.  A good leak locator works with your plumber in order to keep you happy and informed and honor the trust you have developed with them.

Locating and repairing slab foundation leaks can be a lengthy PROCESS

Leak Locators have specialized equipment that is very expensive and this is why most plumbers don’t have these tools on their truck.  If you’ve discovered you have an underground slab foundation leak, think about getting a professional leak specialist before you let your plumber attempt to locate and repair the leak.  Locating and repairing slab foundation leaks can be a lengthy process and needs to be monitored by a professional throughout to ensure that your slab foundation does not suffer any unnecessary stress.

Every leak is different.

Consider this when you are hiring a slab foundation leak repair service.  An experienced leak locator knows how to succeed at repairing leaks despite the multiple obstacles they might encounter.  Until you can actually see the pipes underneath your foundation, you really can’t tell what’s going on for sure.

Leak locators have to make assumptions based on experience.

Make sure your leak locator and slab leak repair service has multiple years of experience or you might end up being one of their “learning experiences.”

Slab Leak Repair and What You Need to Know

Slab Leaks

…are extremely common in North Texas.  Our expansive soil allows for slab foundations to shift without causing too much damage, but sometimes slab leaks can occur.  “Slab leak” is a term generally used to describe a fresh water leak under a concrete slab in a residential home. However many people within and out of the industry use this term generically to describe both sewer and water leaks. DeLong Services specializes in underground sewer and fresh water leaks.  These leaks are usually 3-4 ft. deep in most parts of the home.

DeLong Services has been repairing slab leaks since 1991 in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area
DeLong Services has been repairing slab leaks since 1991 in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area

More About Slab Leaks…

Testing should be done once every few years to insure that your foundation is not being compromised by small leaks lurking under your home.  If a homeowner allows a slab leak to continue for too long, it can expand the soil around the area and start to cause cracks in walls and serious foundation issues.  DeLong Services and Nu Flow Services have been specializing in slab leaks since 1991.  There’s nothing we haven’t seen on a slab leak call.  Call us today to locate your slab leaks and repair them or just for a maintenance call to make sure your water systems are still operating smoothly.

A Few Things About Sewer Repair

DeLong Services uses Nu Flow Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair is a Process

When it’s finally confirmed that you need your sewer repaired professionally, the worst thing you can do is get in a hurry.  A sewer leak isn’t going to cause extreme damage in a short time so it’s best to weigh out your options and choose the contractor that you trust the most.


Contact several contractors before making a decision on two.  If you get a pushy salesman on the line, go ahead and move on.  Sewer repair is something you want done right.  If it’s not done right, you will literally pay thousands for it and good luck getting the contractor to admit he was at fault.

Sewer Repair Testing

To start a sewer leak test we start by locating and uncovering the sewer clean out system and sliding in an inflatable rubber test ball that has been attached to an air hose with a device that is unique to sewer isolation.  It has a certain flexibility that plumbers are able to maneuver around corners and isolate your sewer leaks to certain sections of the home.  The sewer cleanout area is usually located in the front of the house.  After the ball is inflated, your technician will fill up the existing sewer system with water via toilets and sinks.  Once the system is full of water, the level is then marked.  After 15 minutes or so, if the level of water has decreased, you know have you a leak on that section of the house.  The process is repeated on each plumbing section of the house until the technician has a firm idea of exactly where the leaks are.

Sewer Repair by DeLong Services

Keep Your Sewer System Safe This Summer

Don’t let your sewer system turn into this


Keep your sewer system safe this summer.  It sounds strange but the summer is usually when we use the most water, do the most laundry, and clean the most dishes.  If you are having regular backup issues, Nu Flow Trenchless Sewer  & Slab Leak Repair not only repairs sewer lines, but aids in the flow of debris with its extra slick surface.

Here are a few tips to keep your system running smoothly:

Check for leaks throughout your home AND OUTSIDE

Check toilets, shower heads, faucets, washing machines, water heaters, and hose connections.  Small drips can waste a lot of water.  Look for water damage.  A good way to tell if you have a leak is to turn off all water and check the water meter in the front of back of the house.  If the meter is moving in the slightest bit, you probably have a leak…maybe a slab leak. Slab leaks can waste 1,000’s of gallons of water in a matter of days.  If you’re unsure of where it is, call a professional leak locator.

Use your dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes 

Your dishwasher saves more money than you think.  According to ConsumerEnergyCenter.org, a load of dishes cleaned in a dishwasher requires 37 percent less water than washing dishes by hand. You can also save energy by letting the dishes in your dishwasher air dry.

Make sure to use all of your drains REGULARLY

If you have that bathroom in a part of the house that NO ONE ever uses, make it a point to go flush the commode once a week or use the sink.  Dried out sewer lines will crack and deteriorate quicker if they aren’t used. Slab leak repair is EXPENSIVE! If you have broken sewer lines already you can call a professional trenchless sewer repair company.  They can actually pull a sleeve into place that creates a new sewer pipe within the broken sewer pipe.

Rainfall can lead to expensive sewer repair.

Tree roots can cause SERIOUS sewer backup issues as roots are drawn toward the sewer line as a source of nutrition.   Have a plumber inspect your sewer line to access potential sewer line problems.  Trenchless sewer products are available that will completely block root intrusion.


It’s easy to throw something down the garbage disposal, but if it get’s lodged in a sewer line, you’re in for an expensive and unnecessary drain cleaning.

If you are unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to call a plumber.  With a few simple questions, a plumber can usually figure out what’s wrong and guide you in fixing it.